EasyPDF™ Sworn Statement vs Competition

Form Feature Provided EasyPDFTM
 Standard Acceptable Sworn Statement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editable Digital Form Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Custom Popup Menus Yes No No No No No
Popup Date Calendar Yes No No No No No
Predefined Menu Items Yes No No No No No
Auto Calculated Fields Yes No No No No No
Drop-Down Lists Created On-The-Fly and Saved for Future Use Yes No No No No No
Formatted Form Fields Yes No No No No No
Digital Signature Field Yes No No No No No
Unlimited Use With No Restrictions Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimize Typing/Typo Errors Yes No No No No No
Use the Free Adobe Reader to Complete the Form Yes No No Yes No Yes
And So Much More... Yes No No No No No

Legend: SS = Sworn Statement, AIA = American Institute of Architects, ATG = Attorney's Title Guarantee Fund, GIT = Greater Illinois Title, FNT = Fidelity National Title, FAT = First American Title,
Once completed the AIA form requires removal of a watermark and conversion to a static PDF form provided by AIA

Notes:1 $1,599 annual subscription includes access to and unlimited use of all 242 AIA forms, 2 Form initially provided in MS Word editable format for onetime use and contains a watermark. Once completed, user returns the form to AIA in an email file attachment to have them remove the watermark, convert the form to a fixed (static) PDF form to be returned to the user ready to be submitted to the owner, title company, or lending institution for review/approval. All this for $39.99 for a onetime use of the form. What a joke! In reality, the idea a company with a longevity and reputation such as AIA would even consider much less implement a pricing strategy deemed lame and cost ineffective at best, in addition to being overpriced, unnecessary, inconvenient, and a complete waste of time for both AIA and its customers is beyond comprehension, 3 Form requires the end user to print a hard copy for manual completion. This in itself is just plain stupid and outright inexcusable given the technology available for over the past twenty plus years. This noted, any company today that would actually consider providing an online form that requires its customers to print a hard copy to complete the form manually with pen-in-hand shouldn't be in business!