Introduction to EasyPDF™ Forms

The Latest & Most Advanced Digital Forms Technology to Date

In reality, EasyPDF™ forms represent the latest PDF digital forms technology available to enhance efficiency and boost productivity both at home and in the workplace using the Free Adobe Reader. This is due in large part to PDF digital forms technology that has been available for a number of years courtesy of Adobe Acrobat Javascript methods available and supported in Adobe Acrobat as well as Adobe Reader to a lesser degree. This in turn has allowed us to create an interactive, digital PDF form to provide never before seen form features designed to enhance efficiency and boost productivity at levels that far exceed any provided to date to increase speed and performance in using a fillable, interactive digital form whereby nothing even comes close. In short, this is due in large part by eliminating redundancy by: 1) not having to reenter the same data twice when using a digital form much less each and every time the form is open to perform an identical or similar task for an active project in which the form has already been used, 2) reducing type written data entry using predefined text values selected from form field drop-down lists—created on-the-fly over time in using the form—activated by a single mouse click, and 3) incorporating auto calculated fields along with other form features designed to perform specific tasks using a mouse or touchpad such as moving an entire column of data from one column to another as often required in preparing a construction sworn statement for the next draw, all of which serve to facilitate and expedite completion of a digital form in record time using the Free Adobe Reader download by anyone with an active internet connection. Moreover, aside from providing a help file, Adobe Reader is intuitive and easy to use by most anyone familiar with using a Windows 10/11 or compatible Apple desktop/laptop computer.